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Web Development

Websites are now required for nearly everything in the modern world. A website represents something's fundamental identity. We have been involved in the building of several websites from our days as freelancers. These comprise a wide range of static and dynamic websites for a number of purposes.

App Development

Beginning with our own service, we've worked on a number of corporate client apps as well as various contests. We handle everything from concept generation through planning and implementation.


Nowadays, Enterprise Resource Planning software is a must-have for each company. We understand the requirement for an ERP system that is both easy and comprehensive. We provide unique ERP systems to satisfy the various demands of various corporate enterprises.

Inventory Management

Every business that sells its own goods requires inventory. Each and every contemporary system or business should have an inventory management system of its own. Because of our experience in this field, we've been able to create inventory management solutions that are both easy to use and secure.


Bugfix IT BD Limited has extensive expertise and best practices knowledge in the deployment of large-scale identification systems in real-world settings. We make every effort to make all of our solutions as flexible and adaptable as possible, because customers' demands and circumstances vary all over the world. In addition, with industry partners and reputable local agents, we offer a comprehensive solution.

IT Consulting

As nothing more than a digital firm, we assist companies in becoming iconic. Brands are being transformed into champions. Turning businesses into compelling narratives. Everything we do transcends beyond brand identity and delves into the core DNA that distinguishes your product.


Our Projects

Kingkor Ahsan's Portfolio

Client: Kingkor Ahsan

A portfolio website made for The famous writer Kingkor Ahsan


Client: In collaboration with Battery Low Interactive Ltd.

Skytouch is a Developer Company that mostly deals with Apartment Complexes.

Maid In Dhaka

Client: In collaboration with Battery Low Interactive Ltd.

Maid In Dhaka is a now-defunct organization based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, that provided House Maid and Chef services. 

Omicon Group

Client: In collaboration with Battery Low Interactive Ltd.

Omicon Group of Industries Limited incorporates various commercial and industrial businesses.

Mama Corporation Website

Client: In collaboration with Battery Low Interactive Ltd.

Mama Corporation is a mediator company, a bridging partner between the supplier and order placing companies or entities.

Aprilia E-commerce Website

Client: In collaboration with Battery Low Interactive Ltd.

Project Completed at 2021

Leave Management for LATC

Client: Land Administration Training Center

Leave management is a HR Module which helps to keep track of Leave's, subumitting and approving Leave Applications.

our team

Our Team

Mahmudul Hasan Farabi

Mahmudul Hasan Farabi has a great in-hand experience of managing various business teams as well business sectors like Event Management, Digital Marketing Agency, Agro Industries and IT Industry. He is currently the CEO of Bugfix IT and AdConnect Marketing Agency. 

Md. Galib Hamza Saimon
Project Co-Ordinator

Md. Galib Hamza Saimon is a Software Engineer, graduated from BRAC University with CS Major. He has in-hand experience regarding Machine Learning and his research interest lies in Convulational Neural Networks and Image Processing. He also has experience working in Web App development and managing and leading various projects. He is currently working as  Chief Development Officer & Project Co-ordinator at Bugfix IT.

Rafat Mahbub

Rafat Mahbub has completed his graduation from Jahangir Nagar University. He has great knowledge about networking sector and is a Cisco Certified Network Admin. He is currently working as the Chief Finance Officer and Networking specialist at Bugfix IT.

Saurav Chandra Das

Saurav Chandra Das completed his graduation with CSE major from Jagannath University. He has in-hand experience with Android and iOS app development and also has various published works. He is currently a lecturer at CSE department of Green University and also working as the Chief Technological Officer at Bugfix IT.

Iftekhar Hasan Talukder

Iftekhar Hasan Talukder is talented UI/UX designer who is currently completing his Diploma from Graphics Arts Institute. He is also skilled at 2D Graphics and 2D & 3D Animation. He is currently working as the lead UI/UX Designer at Bugfix IT.

Imtiaz Ahmed

Imtiaz Sakib has completed his graduation from Military Institute of Science and Technology (MIST) with Marine and Naval Architecture as his major. He has experience regarding Business Communication and Requirement Analysis. He is currently working as HR-Admin at Bugfix IT.

Atiq Israk

Atiq Israk Pritom has completed his Diploma Degree from Graphics Arts Institute. He has a vast experience working in various Digital Marketing Agency and Corporations. He is currently completing his BSc in CSE from Bangladesh University and working as a Business Development Executive at Bugfix IT.

Md. Atiqur Rahman

Md. Atiqur Rahman is currently completing his BBA degree from AIUB. He is currently working as Customer Sales Representative at Bugfix IT.

Mohammad Iqbal Hossain
Office Executive

Mohammad Iqbal Hossain is a great organizer and talented at managing office works. He is currently working as Office Executive at Bugfix IT.


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